Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How to Display Image In Picturebox in VC++ from Iplimage and Mat

How to Display Image In Picturebox in VC++ from Iplimage and Mat


This tip/trick will be useful to OpenCV programmers, who wish to use Windows Form application under Visual C++. This tip helps programmers to use Windows function with OpenCV library. The following tip shows how to assign iplimage and mat variable to picturebox image.

Assign Iplimage to Picturebox Image

In this part, it shows how to assign iplimage to picturebox image. First of all, declare the frame pointer. Iplimage type.
Declare Iplimage variable:
IplImage* frame; 

Here. Create new Bitmap image from frame properties like widthheightwidthstep. Set image data from frameimagedata.

Process the PictureBox.
pictureBox1->Image  = gcnew System::Drawing::Bitmap
System::Drawing::Imaging::PixelFormat::Format24bppRgb,(System::IntPtr) frame->imageData);

Assign Mat to Picturebox Image

In this part, it shows how to assign Mat to picturebox image. First of all, declare the frameDetected variable, Mattype.

Declare Mat variable.
Mat frameDetected; 

Here. Create graphics of picturebox. Then create new Bitmap image from frameDetected properties like cols, rows, step. Then create Rectangle with and with value and width and height with picturebox height,width respectively. Then rectangle assign to previous initialized graphics object.

Process the PictureBox:
System::Drawing::Graphics^ graphics2 = pictureBox3->CreateGraphics();
System::IntPtr ptr2(frameDetected.ptr());
System::Drawing::Bitmap^ b2  = gcnew System::Drawing::Bitmap(frameDetected.cols,
System::Drawing::RectangleF rect2(0,0, pictureBox3->Width,pictureBox3->Height);

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